3 Top advertising platforms to consider when monetizing your blog




There are a lot of ways to monetize your blog and get profit from it. You can start writing paid reviews of products, sell a lot of things through your online store or become an affiliate.

There also is a way with pay per click (PPC) advertising platforms. PPC advertising means that you have an advertisement space in your blog and you put there specific piece of code given by the platform you are using. When someone clicks on the links in it you get paid. You can track down your revenues by a web interface provided by the platform you are using.

062711 0341 3Topadverti1 3 Top advertising platforms to consider when monetizing your blogThe most famous advertising platform is Google Adsense. It's a free program that will help you to maximize revenue from your content. You can login with your existing Google account.

062711 0341 3Topadverti2 3 Top advertising platforms to consider when monetizing your blogWhen you're signed in the system you will see a detailed overview of your earnings arranged by date. By clicking on My Ads section you can create new advertising space. Choose the desired size (all sizes are available), add some style to the ad by selecting different colors depending from your blog design, save it and get your code. Then simply put it on the advertising section and each time you have a visitor she will see this advertisement. You can also select between text and graphic ads and you can show them both. You can create different channels and attach the ads to them. The detailed performance reports will be very handy to track your earnings. With good site optimization and well formed content Google Adsense will help you a lot with you site's monetization. It is the largest platform for this type of advertisement and will bring you really good revenues if you optimize it well.

Another well known and popular PPC advertising platform is AdBrite. It is the largest independent ad exchange network and offers great number of features. You have direct access to campaigns and analysis with great control of the results.

062711 0341 3Topadverti3 3 Top advertising platforms to consider when monetizing your blogIt works just like Google Adsense and also will provide you with a lot types of ads. You can choose between full page ad, CPM banners, CPC banners, inline text ads (based on keyword contextual targeting), video-in banners, etc. The difference here is that Adsense will generate ads based on your content while AdBrite is based on an ad marketplace so everyone can buy your ad space. Well, you can always refuse the advertiser if you don't like what they promote. If you have a huge traffic you can make a business plan and set your own prices for your blog.

These are one of the greatest and well paying PPC platforms. Of course there are another ways to monetize your blog. If it generates a lot of traffic with huge number of impressions (page views) you can start earning money by using CPM advertising network. CPM (Cost per Mile) platforms will pay you according to the number of impressions you generate. The prices are for 1,000 page views.

062711 0341 3Topadverti4 3 Top advertising platforms to consider when monetizing your blogValueClick media is one of these advertising platforms. They have twelve years of experience and that makes them really a reliable partner you can count on.

They offer only quality advertisers and the technology used will give you full control for maximum performance. The services are very easy to use and with high targeted web traffic you can maximize your earnings with them. The network serves more than 28 billion ads every month to users in 275 countries.

Of course it's not necessary to use these advertising platforms at any cost. You can always sell your advertising space directly or you can put some premium content on your blog. The decision is yours but these are really great partners that will help you to get the most from your blog. Adsense and AdBrite are the leaders on the market and with some optimization and well defined structure they really can work for you.


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