5 Reasons Why Customer Complaints Should Be Taken Seriously

complaining customer1 5 Reasons Why Customer Complaints Should Be Taken Seriously

Customer complaints

Customer complaints paint the picture of your customers’ satisfaction. Thus companies and people who provide help desk services must be able to champion a winning attitude and satisfying response towards customers. In this article, we will discuss five reasons why customer complaints should be taken seriously to implement practical solutions.

1. Complaints evaluate business performance.

Both the number of complaints received and the gravity of the issue speak a lot in terms of knowing how your business caters to its customers. There are only a few customers would call or contact you when they are satisfied. The rest of the calls go to the other end, and this equates to percentage of poor quality of service or product you offered them. You should care more about their inquiries and reasons why they are defecting to improve and boost your business performance to a higher level.

2. Complaints are a way to engage with customers.

If you don’t receive complaints, you might be such a boring company which is not seen as participative in the community. In these modern times, businesses should set up a channel where people can post review and honest testimonials about their purchases. Negative comments can encourage the company to improve and positive ones can motivate the company further. The exchange of comments is a way to engage with the customer and build a good relationship with them in the long run.

3. Complaints give you a treasure chest of information.

There may be no certain list of best practices in customer services, and even experts say that these “best practices” are hard to come by. But probably one of the best things to do is to emphasize, understand and listen to what customers are saying. Don’t think that they are mad all the time for no reason. They are sensible individuals, too. Hearing out customer complaints would enable you to learn from them and know some tips and ideas to win their hearts. Think the other way around to feel their importance. When nobody is complaining, you will feel like a teacher in a classroom only speaking to the blackboard and all students are either asleep, daydreaming or doing something else other than focus on the day’s lesson.

4. Complaints may help you regain the customer’s trust.

Serious complaints from irate customers give out suggestions, and you can take advantage of these suggestions. Apply them wherever possible and let your customers know you care and thank them afterwards. They will deeply appreciate the move for sure and you can regain their trust. This gesture can also help to remedy an upset customer’s attitude. List out all the feedback and monitor the actions done as a result of acknowledging their “voice.” Let their voice direct your organization to go beyond operational excellence, efficiency and other process improvement.

5. Answering complaints and providing solutions help create customer loyalty.

Complaints are golden opportunities to mold relationships and loyalty with customers. They are a form of feedback that you should act upon. They may be in the form of service recovery and fixing the underlying problem to giving the right information that they will be satisfied about. When slip-ups are solved, customers become loyal to your company in the same way as you gain their trust. They may put you on top of their minds, even better than those they are already contented with. This is because they feel secured that their reactions are important to you.


Receiving complaints help improve customer satisfaction as the business can see the customer’s point of view, identify situations where they are weak, put the system and processes in the right way and create long-term loyalty. There is no doubt that handling disgruntled customers is challenging, but not handling them properly has a price to pay. The bottom line is to take these calls seriously and leave them with a positive impression about your business.



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