5 Tools To Help Monitor Your Brand In Social Media

social media brand monitoring 5 Tools To Help Monitor Your Brand In Social Media

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media is like a huge party with millions of conversations taking place simultaneously. One of those conversations can be about you, your brand or your competitor. People are talking whether you are listening to them or not, but how would you know if you aren’t listening? What if it is something important? These days, it’s easy to keep up with those things, you just need to know how. There are a number of both free and paid tools out there that help you with social media monitoring. They can ease the process by focusing on the keywords related to your service or brand, save you time and help you make better decisions about your social media campaigns.


A staple in social media monitoring, Hootsuite comes in both free and paid variant. What makes Hootsuite so contagious is ease of use and the ability to track all your campaigns from one place, whether they’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Plus from one place. Hootsuite’s post scheduling and draft storing abilities are widely used and that is what has made it so popular. It even offers to automatically schedule your posts for maximum impact. Add to this the ability to narrow down your focus and search feeds by keywords and search terms and create special feeds to track those and you have yourself a very robust monitoring platform.


Another mainstay in the field of social monitoring, Sprout Social allows you to track your brand on social networks and manage it from one easy-to-use dashboard, not unlike Hootsuite. You can schedule updates across different major social channels. You can also control your teams and assign tasks and assignments. Good thing is it’s fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other most popular networks. Social Sprout is a paid tool but has a 30 day free trial which is more than enough to test its features out.


Social Oomph is popular with marketers and entrepreneurs on a tight budget as it allows many advanced features for free while it only charges automated Direct Messages on Twitter for a small cost. Behind its not too advanced interface lie many options you can tweak to track your interactions on social media (the focus is on Twitter though).


Social Mention is free and works like a simple search engine, but focuses on searching the social web for mentions of your brand. The data is collected from more than a hundred social media platforms and is presented in an easy to use format. The data is broken down into smaller parts that allow you to see your brand’s strength, sentiment, passion, reach, average rate of mentions, retweets, top users who are mentioning you. That’s quite comprehensive for a simple tool like this!


A relatively new addition to the social media monitoring tool stable, Twubs focuses on Twitter but with a twist: it lets you hone down on hashtags. Free to use, it allows you to monitor any hashtags you can dream up or browse the most popular ones. Each hashtag has its dedicated “profile page” where all the tweets containing it are pulled to. You can easily track them in real time, pause the feed and interact with them in usual ways. Also you can see who contributes most to each hashtag and maybe most interestingly of all, you can register your own hashtags and then manage them, add images and bios just like you were managing a social media profile.


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