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You have a blog and at the same time you are not good at writing. This means that sooner or later you are going to find it difficult to find new ideas for adding new content to your blog. You will find it convenient to create the first few posts, but after a week or so you will run out of ideas to write new content.create new blog commoncraft 0 6 Ideas to Create New Blog Content Every time

You can be working on any niche, but the following 6 ideas are going to apply to any type of posts. These ideas are not just going to help you create new content for your blog, but if you follow them precisely, you can even create a priceless article.

  1. Review Article – You have many things surrounding you and your niche. You can get ideas from these things and create your unique article. The options are endless – it is possible to review things like new iphones or smart phones, services and also websites that you visited. If you find that your own niche has limited items, you can sometimes leave the niche to give content that interests your readers.
  2. General Review – Even though this is also a kind of review, you would not be giving an elaborate review. Your opinions will be based upon things you have viewed or experienced. You need to be entirely honest in this type of review, and also leave a future follow-up indication. Thus, you are paving a path for another article in the future.
  3. How-to Articles – This type of articles will be focused on telling the readers about doing certain things. This is going to be helpful in creating new content because the web is full of this type of articles. Try to find a topic that is appealing to everyone, and then following the writing style of the article. Make sure that your article has two crucial points – step-by-step elaboration and use of images.
  4. Tips and Tricks – This is also a methodical article, and educates your reader. You can write this type of article especially if you have some experience in a particular niche. These articles can find their origin only in your experience, and your readers are going to be thankful to you.
  5. Links Article – In this type of article you would be writing on a specific topic, and then without posting a long article, you would insert some links. Make sure that the links are relevant to the article and helpful to the readers.
  6. Article Rewrites – In this case, you can thing for a topic that you would like to write about. Then, you can search for the topic on search engines and read about it. When you have read a few articles, you would be able to gather sufficient information. Then, you can create a new article using the information that you have gathered. Make sure that the writing style and words are your own.


You will find that these 6 ideas would be sufficient to put you on an endless path to create new articles every time. Read enough to get all the ideas required to write many articles.


Mo Moumenine
Mo Moumenine, a media professional with more than 20 years experience in setting up media companies and managing them. Previously founder and CEO of the first Integrated converged media house in Dubai. Vice President of Programming for CNBC Middle East ( to 2006). Currently enjoying my free time in South East Asia, working on my first book on Social Media and writing for my blog. google

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