Want Your Blog to Generate Revenue? Start Advertising

advertising revenues Want Your Blog to Generate Revenue? Start Advertising

blogging revenues

You’ve been writing your blog for a long time now. Maybe you’re enjoying heavy readership, or maybe you’re still hoping to get your tenth subscriber. Regardless of where you’re currently at, if you want your blog to do more for your financial future, advertising may be the answer.
Advertising is a great way to earn extra money. That’s why so many websites, TV channels, newspapers and radio stations do it. Bloggers are now getting in on the action, and they have a whole host of tools at their disposal. If you’re tired of writing your blog for free, keep these things in mind as you ponder selling ad space on your site:
You Don’t Have to Do It All Alone
Lots of media companies have an advertising department that sells ad space on its pages or broadcasts. But if you’re a self-employed blogger, how are you supposed to write content and sell ads? Thanks to affiliate ad programs, you don’t have to.
Sites like Google AdSense enable you to place ads on various areas of your blog. Many bloggers use a pay-per-click model, so they generate revenue each time one of their readers clicks on one of these ads. Plus, affiliate sites allow you to choose which types of ads you want to run.
Don’t Just Advertise Anything
As consumers, we choose to buy (or not buy) certain products based on preference, relevance, image, or the parent company’s business practices. Show the same selectivity when placing ads on your blog and you’ll raise revenue without sacrificing integrity.
Many affiliate sites allow you to decide what types of ads you want displayed on your blog. Choose categories that are relevant to your content. For example, if you write about web design Philadelphia, place ads for complementary small business services, web hosting and other relevant offerings. Just keep in mind that it’s best to stay away from anything racy or controversial.

Here is excellent video by Gary Vaynerchuk on how to get advertising on your blog.

Keep an Eye on the Results
When your blog takes off, you can be so focused on creating great content that you forget to see how well your ads are doing. Ignoring your performance could cost you clicks and revenue, so make a point of monitoring your blog on a regular basis.
If you get tens of thousands of visitors a day, it makes sense to check your ad profile daily. Otherwise, 2-3 times a month should suffice. Take a detailed look at your results. You might find that banner ads do significantly better than sidebar ads, or tech companies get more clicks than pet supply stores. Use these reports to optimize your ad profile so you can generate more clicks and increase your monthly earnings.

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