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business intelligence Business Analytics Consulting  Can Your Guys Do This

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Has your organization been thinking about hiring a business analytics consultant to improve your analytical capabilities and make the most of the data you have at your fingertips? There are many benefits to business analytics consulting, and with careful thought and planning, this can be an endeavor that pays off handsomely in the end. The consultants that specialize in this field may have knowledge, experience and capabilities that simply can’t be found within your in-house resources. So if you’re still on the fence about whether to hire a consultant to help your organization improve your business process analytics, you have to ask yourself: Can your guys do this?
What a Consultant Can Do for Your Business Analytics
Organizations often rely on data analytics consulting to improve upon the business intelligence systems they already have in place. In other cases, organizations have no legitimate system in place at all, and need quite a bit of help making any sense of their raw data. Business intelligence can be an important resource for modern enterprises if used correctly. It consists of the processes, methods, theories and technologies that are used to turn data into valuable, functional information for the purpose of making strategic decisions, developing new opportunities and identifying trends, both internally and in the market. Raw data can be analyzed to achieve, among other things, the following goals:
• Identifying trends
• Improving business relationships
• Developing new products and services
• Decreasing the time it takes to get products and services to the market

Even if your organization already relies on business intelligence, a consultant can help you take things to the next level and gain a bigger competitive advantage with newer, better analytical systems. Aside from business analytics consulting services, your consultant should also be able to provide data visualization and reporting so everyone at your organization can see what data you’re working with and understand how it is being used and what it says about the current trends and opportunities in your industry. A good consultant can provide knowledge that enables your teams to make better, timelier, more strategic decisions, and respond more quickly to changes in the surrounding market.
An Ideal Approach to Business Intelligence
Ideally, a business analytics consultant should approach an organization’s raw data with a focus on the needs of that particular client, both in terms of information technology needs within the organization and business needs that will help them retain an advantage over the competition. These are just a few of the things a reputable consultant can and should be able to accomplish when they help overhaul your business intelligence system:
• Assess your organization’s current business intelligence methods
• Establish and record your future goals
• Determine which opportunities and goals are most important to prioritize
• Create a business case
• Develop a timeline with strategic milestone goals to help you ride out the storm of business intelligence
• Share data management dashboards and analytical systems for reporting and visualizing relevant information in order to make more strategic decisions in the future

While your organization may have a wealth of in-house resources, the fact of the matter is that a consultant that specializes in business process analytics can probably do a whole lot more than your guys can do. And that’s okay – business intelligence isn’t what you specialize in, but simply knowing that you need it is a step in the right direction. Bringing a consultant onboard can ensure that you have the tools and systems in place to make better business decisions, develop stronger relationships with customers and partners and create better products and services in the future. It’s an investment that really pays off in the end.


is the Digital Marketing Analyst for Paragon Solutions, an advisory consulting and systems integration firm that specializes in delivering business analytics consulting services and business process analytics solutions for organizations in various industries.

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