Easy Steps for Promoting RSS Feeds on your Website


RSS Feeds promotion Easy Steps for Promoting RSS Feeds on your WebsiteRSS is an acronym that stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS also stands for Rich Site Summary. To take this term and simplify it, RSS is a basicly a way to distribute content that is written on different websites. In this article we will discuss simple and inexpensive ways for promoting RSS feeds on your website.
The first thing is to actually create your RSS Feed. This can be done by using simple software such as Feed For All, which can be purchased at feedforall at about forty dollars. Feed For All allows users to create professional looking RSS Feeds and quickly publish them.
RSS directories are a great way to promote your feeds and content. These directories drastically increase the numbers of other sites that will link to your site. Additionally this will increase those feeds profiles. In other words more people looking for sites with your type of content means more hits to your site, provided that you fill that site with relevant keywords and information. Remember, content is king.
It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. And the saying is even truer when it comes to RSS feeds. The use of a bright, vivid and color graphic is a wonderful way to signal website visitors to your RSS feed. Nearly all websites now have different RSS feeds that use graphics such as indicators and flags that let people know that these feeds are available for very specific content. Initially these flags or icons were bright orange. But since bright orange doesn’t fit with every website’s color scheme, there is an option to change the color of different icons to whatever color desired.
The location of your RSS feed is important as well. It is very important that you put your RSS feed at an area of your website where people will most likely click at and subscribe to. The most visible areas would probably be on the very top of the page, in the middle and at the bottom of your page. Some people like to also include a “follow me” section where they have the different icons to the different social media sites that you can click for them to follow you. Putting your RSS feed icon here is ideal, because it is another way that people can follow you as with Twitter, or Facebook.
Article writing is a classic way to promote your website and your RSS feed. It is totally free and it doesn’t take that long to produce top quality written pieces of content in your niche. If you are a rising star or an expert in your particular field, why not write relevant information about that field. Incorporating keywords in your article is a must here as well. Remember as we went over in the previous section, location is everything. A million dollar home is useless unless a million dollar individual is living in that home. The same is true for your articles used to promote your RSS feed.
A site with no traffic is like a fish out of water and a ship without a sail. Both will go nowhere fast. Hopefully, this article on promoting your RSS feeds will have you sailing off on the course to success in your world wide web endeavors. Good luck and we wish the best of success to you.




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