How to Find the Best Blog Topics When Your Product is Boring

boring products How to Find the Best Blog Topics When Your Product is Boring

Blogging for Boring Products

You’ve got a boring product, but sometimes boring products are ones that guarantee job stability. If you’re in a boring industry, one of the toughest things you’ll ever have to do is write blog posts. Why bother with posts? Well, the Internet is getting increasingly social. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to figure out how to take a commodity product and turn it into something that’s not a commodity. Make it unique.

Use Stories

Everyone loves stories. They take the focus off the product, and push the reader into an adventure. This is especially true if you’re telling personal stories. If there’s a way for you to tell a personal story about you using, developing, or helping someone else with the product you happen to sell, do it. It makes selling that product a lot easier.

Everyone knows what a pen is. It’s boring product, but maybe it’s a real money-maker for you. Office products are always in demand. So, how do you turn such a boring product into an amazing one? You tell a story about how the pens you sell saved your marriage, your friendship, helped you find the home of your dreams, or something else equally amazing.

With most things in life, there comes a time when you have to “sign on the dotted line.” Maybe you have a funny or amusing story about a major purchase you made – at the end of it, it was your “old fashioned” pen that saved the day. Sound cheesy? It might be, but then again, it might draw readers in if the story itself is really interesting.

Customer Heroes

Maybe you don’t have a funny, exciting, or amusing story to tell about your products. Maybe your customers do, though. Customer stories make excellent blog posts, especially when you’ve been trading emails with someone who is simply enthralled with what you have to offer. Just make sure you have permission to reprint the story.

These kinds of blog posts also carry an important element of social proof. Social proof is something that a lot of would-be customers look for before buying a product. They want to know that they aren’t the guinea pigs – that you have other success stories to show them. If other people bought from you, and were happy, maybe they will be too.

Do Product Breakdowns

Product breakdowns are awesome for some products, and can really move an otherwise boring product. For example, let’s say you sell automotive parts on your site. One of the best products you have might be an oil filter. How the heck do you sell an oil filter? You take three or four of them and do a “tear down.”

In other words, you dissect them. You compare several manufacturers and give an analysis of the build quality, filtration properties, cost, and expected longevity under various conditions. You could even try a live demo depending on the product – get your customers involved by having them submit their own breakdown or analysis too.

Use Short, Punchy, Copy

Have you ever seen the ad copy on a site like ModCloth? No? Check it out some time. That company has copyright nailed. The secret? They use short, punchy, copy that gets straight to the point. It manages to also be both funny and charming, evoking a certain kind of emotion in their target market – young females.

You might not be selling dresses and assorted girly accessories, but you can still borrow that idea and keep your posts short, sweet, and funny. When you’re laughing, you’re not bored and your products are suddenly not boring.

Use Infographics

People are very visual creatures. Most people respond to pictures and video more than they respond to just text. With text, they have to read, and it’s excruciating if you’ve got nothing interesting to say about your products. Pictures, on the other hand, can weave a simple story.

By integrating text into an image format, you create an infographic that can be both fun and informative. Plus, infographics are very sharable. If you do a really good job, it might even go viral. So, how do make boring products interesting with infographics? One word: humor.

Try to make the infographic cheeky, amusing, funny, and even a little audacious. Don’t lie or fabricate statistics. Just make sure the information you provide is unusual. It’ll lighten the atmosphere on your blog, and make it easier to ask for the order when the time comes.


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