How Americans are Consuming Media





How Americans are Consuming Media How Americans are Consuming Media

The television has become a staple in American lifestyle. Television is one of those media tools that people depend on for the latest news, information and entertainment. Although, media consumption can be done in various forms these days, the traditional television is still among those things Americans go for when it comes to media.  But what are the other ways that are involved in American’s consumption of media.
Nielsen research was conducted to determine these facts and the data shows some things that we never have expected in this modern age.
Internet Video Stream Watching

We all know for fact that young people are the heavy users of the internet. This is the reason why there was a dramatic increase in the time spent by people in watching videos and streams in the internet. This is also made possible by various video sharing and streaming websites such as YouTube.
is a website which allows users to share, view and even post their own videos. This a major factor in terms of the video content viewing hours spent by users in the internet.
This type of media consumption is very much present among the youth. The reason might be that younger people, from ages 12 to 34, are more adept with the use of computers and other types of gadgets with abilities to connect to the internet.
Watching Through Mobile Video

Watching programs through mobile gadgets were seen to gain a dramatic increase as well. Through the propagation of mobile gadgets and its increase in popularity, it has become a convenient method on watching videos such as TV programs and movies. Last 2010 was a benchmark in the mobile video consumption because of the 41 percent increase in the hours spent by users in this platform.
• Tablet PC
– the tablet pc’s such as the infamous iPad has become one of the most used tools in media consumption. With so many brands offering such computers, users all over the world are bombarded with tons of ways to watch videos particularly in the United States.
• Mobile Phones
– The evolution of mobile phones has also given way to mobile video viewing to be possible. Smartphones these days are powered with internet connectivity features and mobile TV applications that allow users to view and share videos from the internet and other users.
Traditional TV Watching

In this age of digital innovations and mobile devices, it is a surprise to know that Americans are still spending more hours in the front of the television than the other modes mentioned above. Traditional television has remained a basic commodity in terms of video content consumption. According to Nielsen, households in the United States are willing to spend money for better television content quality.
American media consumption is continuously evolving. Thanks to the different innovations introduced by different companies and individuals. There are a lot of ways in which the consumption of media can be attributed to. But as much as video content is concerned, traditional TV remains at the top of the list among Americans.


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