How Proactive Online Reputation Management Can Increase Sales



Proactive Online Reputation Management How Proactive Online Reputation Management Can Increase Sales

The impact of social networking sites is undeniable in almost any activity that business and individuals alike perform online. Some people use social media to manage contacts and relationships for both personal and professional matters, while businesses makes use of this platform to reach a viral captive audience to promote their products and service, that would not be possible to reach otherwise.
Proactive Online Reputation can help any business to grow their sales through social media, getting people to spread the word about your company through the powerful platform of micro-blogging and review systems, friendship networks, video sharing sites, blogs, forums and other online communities. Social media is a viral market that can help your business succeed, or may lead it to total discredit if you do not know how to use online reputation management tools properly. Think of this, if just one of these social networking sites (Facebook) is capable to consist of more than 500 million users, imagine what an on-target Internet marketing campaign can do to build a positive online (and offline) reputation. Now think of the disastrous consequences that taking a wrong strategy may cause to your business.
You can find reputation management tools to DIY or you can hire a company.  There are actually many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies offering Proactive Online Reputation Management (ORM.) They take care of building social profiles for your business, monitor reviews, and provide feedback received from people who use Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Google Places, and other social media where people leave reviews on companies, products and services that they receive, trying to prevent that negative reputation from damaging your business.
One good example on how online reputation management tools can work can be found through the GetSatisfaction Website. Browsing this review site, you can find how customers rate companies and how the most innocent comment on a service may trigger a series of mixed comments that enable consumers to leave good or bad reputation. A good Proactive Online Reputation management can push the balance in the positive direction, contributing to increase your sales significantly as your products and services look, now endorsed by the consumers that rate you good.
Online reputation management can effectively protect your business from negative reviews. This option is particularly useful for those businesses which sales are mostly based on referrals. Referral marketing is similar a Word-of-Mouth advertising, but while word of mouth simply spreads the word about good or bad services mostly verbally or through casual communication, referral advertising is propelled by the power of social networking sites, through platforms that are so viral, that a business can become popular worldwide overnight, or may lead to bankruptcy for an already established business in the same period of time.
The right Proactive Reputation Online Management entices social media users to review your business positively and invite others to join them to be your loyal followers. This is not just an empirical application, but also a well-designed marketing strategy with a tracking method to see the progress of your work towards increasing your sales substantially and continually, by generating spontaneous clicks leading to your website or social media profile. In fact, any business is actually obliged to set up a public profile in the main social networking sites to get potential clients engaged in your business activities.
Results of a Proactive Reputation Online Management and its impact in your sales can be measured by any metric system that you are familiar with, whether Cost-Per-Lead, Cost-Per-Closed-Sale, or Return on Investment (ROI) among other popular sales conversion metrics. If you are ready to define some policies to implement your reputation management strategy and are comfortable working on your social profile and social networking pages, then your chances to increase your sales are endless.


Charles Henry works for Ziffen Business Directory that covers the United States and United Kingdom.

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