How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Text Links Ads

text links ads pitfalls How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Text Links AdsLike all other types of ads, text links ads have their downside as well which can be overcome to allow monetizing your blog. Many publishers wonder why they still can’t make money with these ads. They fail to identify the opportunities in which text links ads would be the most suited. Being realistic with your expectations on the kind of revenue you can make with your blog is a very important step.
Because the online advertising industry has been used to other types of ads especially the colorful ones with images, text links ads are still fully to be appreciated as worth selling ads space for.
Even many advertisers are not ready to pay high rates for clicks and impressions owing to the perception of the type of advertising as not able to record high performance. If you would like to overcome some of the many challenges associated with text links ads in order to start making blog money, you might want to try out the following:
Write More Content
If you want to be more successful as a blogger using text links ads, then one way you can’t get it wrong is by writing more content. Since the ads are applied on text, you will need to write much of it. Make sure it is of high quality and it is keyword rich to attract advertisers whose click pay rates are high. Blogs that have less than enough content or those that do not meet the quality standards are not often approved for most programs. The argument is always that text links ads for monetizing your blog require more written content.
Choose Average Number Of Ads Per Page
For every blog you monetize with text links ads, you are often given the opportunity to choose the number of ads on text that you want. If you choose the maximum number, your page may appear as if it is painted with links. Many links will make your blog look rather disorganized so it is advisable to choose only a few of the ads on text that can be served per page.
Apply Similar Formats As Internal Links
If perhaps you want more blog money using text links ads, then it helps to know the important tricks. In your account, you are often allowed the opportunity to alter colors and apply similar formats to the links that will be shown on your page. By default, the text links ads might have a different color other than blue and double lines underlining them. Change links back to blue color and chose a single line underlining.
Try Link Building Efforts
If you want to make the efforts of selling ads space for texts links ads worth, then you will need to generate more traffic. The most proven way to do this is through link building. Share your blog posts to social media, create profiles, post articles to directories, submit rss feeds to directories, participate in forums and answer questions related to what you write about, in each case not forgetting to have links included.



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