How to measure the ROI of your RSS feed




Just like in business were at the end of every month one wishes to anticipate the return of investments in relation to the efforts that he or she has put in place, the same case applies to the endeavors in the RSS feeds. Technically, the RSS feeds are supposed to help you realize the performance of your sites by having people updated on the current suggestions by way of news feeds. This news feeds will also allow the tracker to note those readers interested in his publications. Unlike the use of bookmarks that entails the manual selection and marking, RSS this feature is free and automatic.How to measure the ROI of your RSS feed How to measure the ROI of your RSS feed

Without ROI many people quit blogging

Under usual circumstances, losses are natural. We do not initiate them. They come like a bad omen and there is nothing we can do. However, we can cut these bad guys right from the source by measuring the return of investments, ROI in relation to the performance of the site because of competition that is increasing daily on blogging especially commercial blogging where people can render services for money as well as selling ad's space. Most blogs are performing poorly due to the inability to predict the returns expected by the blog at the end of the day. There are people who work so hard by updating content on their blogs daily trying to improve traffic and still nothing happens, where as there are others who may blog once or twice a week and the traffic on those blogs is unimaginable. Although things like quality of the content that is SEO friendly may contribute to this aspect, there are other reasons as to how concerned individuals can calculate these benefits.

Social networking sites can help you measure ROI

The internet publishing and distribution tools are now on most people's possession for free was a big leap for online marketers and those people working online. In the past however, if a company desired to have publicity for their brands, the media used like radio, TV and print as well as banners were so expensive leaving most companies disadvantaged. With the online tools, there isn't a mammoth company and an independent company that may be termed as disqualified. They all sail on the same boat as far as placing their ads online are concerned the desiring effort, here is a strategy. The likes in the social-networking tool is the one-way website or content owners can track ROI on their posts.

Why use tweeter, Facebook or LinkedIn?

The use of social sites is important because RSS doesn't have the publishing website included in the posts that you read. The said social sites can also be termed as proxies, and they have contributed highly in the performance of content, especially from new writers or authors. By using these proxies like tweeter, LinkedIn, Facebook and many others out there, you tend to build trust in the objective of the content which could be your brand or new service. As you keep on having people subscribe to the feeds, the trust slowly by slowly turns into loyalty, later into advocacy and the chain of bettering your brand continues down the line.


Mo Moumenine
Mo Moumenine, a media professional with more than 20 years experience in setting up media companies and managing them. Previously founder and CEO of the first Integrated converged media house in Dubai. Vice President of Programming for CNBC Middle East ( to 2006). Currently enjoying my free time in South East Asia, working on my first book on Social Media and writing for my blog. google

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