How to use Twitter and Facebook in the classroom

Twitter and Facebook in the classroom How to use Twitter and Facebook in the classroomSocial media may have proven that it is not a fad, but people are still trying to shoehorn it into regular society in a whole manner of ways. Having social media in schools may become a new thing that sticks around (like ICT classes), or it may be another fad that simply dies off (like key life skills classes). Here are a few ways that you can integrate Twitter and Facebook into your classroom.

Twitter allows students to collaborate

Twitter is one of the more popular social media sites which means that students can use it to collaborate on subjects, even when they are not in the same room. Many students can work via an online circle and complete projects at home or in the classroom. The students could upload links to the files they saved on cloud; so that they may share the work they are doing or have done.

Facebook can be used for classroom collaboration

Twitter may be the one for remote collaboration, but Facebook could be used to collaborate in class. IT classes make it difficult to work in groups because you can only have  a limited number of the computers around, but groups of students can message each other on Facebook whilst in class. They can also upload screen prints to show each other how they are doing.

Students can try ideas and receive feedback

A student can try an idea or present a thought and gain a bit of feedback from teachers and other students. Students can work independently but at the same time have access to a support structure that will help them if they run into trouble.

Teachers can remind students about deadlines

A teacher can send Tweets to students about different deadlines for coursework, or the dates of exams that they need to revise for.

A teacher can easily monitor online chats

The good thing about Twitter as oppose to the more popular Facebook is the fact that it is easier for a teacher to monitor what the students are saying to each other. It is easier for the teacher to see if the children are collaborating or cheating. It is also easier to see if they are completely missing the point.

Facebook can be used to show off examples

A teacher can upload examples of good essays that were written by students in other schools. He or she can also upload good points and reference material. If a student needs help with his or her essays or assignments, then he can log onto Facebook and check his teachers Facebook wall or timeline.

Social media can offer a swift response time

Twitter and Facebook can be used by students to send out messages to teachers, asking for help on specific subjects. Even if the teacher is not present online, there is a chance that another student will help solving the problem.

Facebook can offer a newsreel

Every few days a teacher may upload a post on Facebook which will give the students the most recent news updates. It can include things such as which teachers will be absent and their replacements. It can give information on school news and on any school events such as sports teams playing or a school dramatic production. It can also give the dates when the school will be closed, opening late or closing early.

Twitter can give update reminders

Students will often forget to tell their parents about things that happen in school. For example they may be told what day the school will be closed next week, and they may read it on Facebook, but still not tell their parents. A tweet can remind them to tell their teachers.

Teachers can share multimedia through Facebook

Short videos that have a lot of educational value may be uploaded onto Facebook so that all the students are able to see it and learn from it. It is similar to showing videos in class, except that a teacher will not have to pull out all the audio visual equipment just to show a quick clip. Teachers could also direct students to articles, podcasts and videos on other sites that may be of educational value.


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