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We all are aware of the fact that social media websites have become very important in all aspects of our life. The way we used to do normal things in the past has completely changed with the revolution of social networking and social bookmarking websites. Everyone in our own bubble is using social networking websites to achieve personal goals. fb twitter Increase website traffic through Twitter and Facebook

For instance, mostly people use Facebook and Twitter to socialize and make new friends. These websites are not only used for making friends and socializing but they can also be used for promotion of websites. Many people might not be aware of this fact but there are significant number of bloggers and website owners who are directing people to their websites or blogs by using Twitter and Facebook. You might not be aware of it but the internet has become an extremely crowded place which means that more efforts need to be put in recognizing your website or blog to internet surfers. So, if you want to direct web traffic then you definitely need to use social networking websites effectively for promoting your website or blog as well besides socializing.

To begin with, it would be a good idea to sign up on Twitter and make an attractive profile on Twitter for your website or blog. It would be a good idea to use your blog's logo or sign as a display picture on Twitter instead of using your own display picture. This gesture would definitely help in marketing your website or blog and it can make your brand viral on twitter. Consider your Twitter profile as a front page of your website in which you are running your business. It has to look perfect and then you can increase followers.

After you have successfully made your profile, the next thing you need to do is to socialize on Twitter. Start making relationships of mutual nature with people who belong to the same industry in which you are working. If you follow them they would definitely return the favor by following you. Once you have started following huge number of people you will be able to increase traffic into your blog. After getting people to follow you, the task is half done. You have to stay active on the website if you are socializing for traffic generation. You can share anything you want to. Consider pasting links of your website or blog on Twitter. A better idea would be to share things or posts on your profile that are relevant to your website or blog. You can also add twitter alert to stay updated all the time.

Facebook can also be used in a similar fashion to direct visitors to your website or blog. You need to start with setting up a Facebook page and the rest is quite similar except that the interface is different. The main purpose would be the same. Get more people to your Facebook page and stay active not only on your profile but on the Facebook page as well.


Mo Moumenine
Mo Moumenine, a media professional with more than 20 years experience in setting up media companies and managing them. Previously founder and CEO of the first Integrated converged media house in Dubai. Vice President of Programming for CNBC Middle East ( to 2006). Currently enjoying my free time in South East Asia, working on my first book on Social Media and writing for my blog. google

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    Aman Arora @ Tech HowTos Blog Says:

    Thanks alot for this post, Although I am already using facebook and twitter to gain some good traffic but I will use your tips to get even more traffic :)

  2. 3
    Mo Moumenine Mo Moumenine Says:

    Thanks Himanshi,

    Any topics you think is worth writing about, please dob’t be shy just suggest:)

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    aishalal Says:

    Superb post on how make to facebook & twitter profitable, all tips work well as you says regarding being social & interact with peoples. waiting for more posts.

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    Palanichamy Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post. This will help me a lot.

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