Microsoft and the Social Media Game



microsoft and social media  Microsoft and the Social Media Game

A New Social Networking Site
Social media has become so common today that every key internet player is trying to have an outfit that enables people to connect the world over. The latest entrant in the growing saturated and competitive arena is Microsoft with its new network, Socl (pronounced as social). The new site is expected to give the like Facebook, Google+, twitter, YouTube and a bunch of others a run for their money.
Saturated Market?

This has not come as a surprise as Socl has been around for a while under the name Tulalip. This was a project by the Microsoft researchers that was unintentionally uploaded to the web. Microsoft previously came clean and claimed that Tulalip was entirely meant for testing by a few people but the deal was leaked out to the internet. This has remained a well-guarded secret, but the reality is that social media networking is fast-growing and Microsoft cannot just sit back and act likes the uninterested spectator in this lucrative business.
However, many people were skeptical about the timing of this new site in a seemingly overcrowding arena of social media. However, there is actually a well-defined strategy that Microsoft is employing by having a well-defined target audience. This site, unlike the other preceding ones is entirely made to target students across the globe. Targeting is lacking in Facebook, twitter, YouTube and even Google+. By targeting the students, the company is aiming to curve out a huge niche market.
Targeting Students

They know so well that Facebook rules for youthful members and enthusiasts, and hence they have gone ahead and come up with a design that is a replica of Facebook. They have a search feature that is powered by Bing and whenever you search for anything, you can tag friends and allow them to either place a comment or like. To make it more targets friendly, there is the Video Party which allows the users to watch videos with friends and chat. These unique features are set to attract users as there is more interactivity than the other social media networking sites.
Business Boom Online and Social Media

Small-business owners are set to benefit from the new social-networking site as the advertisement of products and services in the new site is absolutely free. This means that, by merely becoming a member of this site and having a number of connections/ friends can help promote your products and services without spending a penny. The more people you are known to online, the more exposure your sales will get. What you may have to do is to do is slightly spice the whole activity a little like have some good customer care, and you may be running your whole business on the social network.
Better Things Coming

It seems like the competition for social media networking is far from over and the more sites that come into existence, the more the variety for users to choose from. We can just wait and see how Facebook and others will react to this new rivalry. All I can say is that, social media networking is just getting interesting; and the user is the beneficiary!


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