Public Relations – An Essential Part of SEO (Explained)

public relations seo Public Relations   An Essential Part of SEO (Explained)What is PR? It is highly likely that a majority of you would say PR is simply the abbreviation for a Page Rank. Some of you might even suggest it to be ‘press release’. But the fact is before PR went on to acquire a new full form (page rank!) it was more commonly associated with public relations. The world of search engine optimization and public relations have stayed away from each other for many years. Now, marketing professionals have, at last, understood the benefits of incorporating public relations into SEO and vice versa.

Keeping in mind the number of changes Google brings in every now and then in the form of Panda and Penguin updates, public relations has become an essential part of successful SEO campaigns. SEO with PR helps bring genuine leads, credible places to launch products, create positive online activity and conversations. But what exactly is ‘public relations’ and how does it affect SEO?
Public Relations:
Public relations or PR is an art and science (debate still raging on!) of putting a message across to the people using online media such as the Internet and offline media such as television etc. Every one of you know, from celebrities to Governments, from major organizations to start-ups, invest in public relations.  Good public relations help in maintaining a good image, creating brand names, generating brand awareness and when required even easing tensions between customers and companies.
Public Relations in SEO:
Public relations in search engine optimization works a bit differently than traditional public relations. While traditional PR focuses on creating brand name and awareness, SEO with PR helps in generating links and increasing the flow of traffic into your site. SEO and PR overlap one another, with PR comes brand name and with brand name comes links. Let’s look at some of the benefits of SEO PR.
• SEO PR helps in identifying content that is good at engaging readers.
• Improves online reputation of brands.
• Helps in maintaining cordial and long term relationships with customers.
• By issuing press releases, it generates back links from reputed news sites that will certainly increase page ranking.
• It makes your site more searchable.
• It brings in a lot of media coverage

Public relations have always been a part of SEO even though it was not noticed by many.
• Backlinks:
Ask any SEO expert and he’ll tell you the importance of getting quality inbound links. In short, if any other reputed site links to your site, then you’ll naturally enter the good books of most search engines. Public relations in SEO helps in creating news worthy stories, getting them published in reputed editorials, bring coverage to the news item and most importantly, a link to your site. Creating a single good content in one site will see it being republished in many more sites. This way you can be sure of getting many credible backlinks from one news item.
• Media contacts :
Good public relations are all about having great contacts. It is recommended that you keep a database of editors and media contacts so that you can use them when required. Since we have already established the fact that SEO is all about getting hold of those backlinks, you might as well be introduced to another fact. To be able to get the word out about your company, you can’t keep sending out press releases alone. You should start looking at what other bloggers are writing about. Once you have developed a good relationship with them, you can try writing guest blogs on their site.
• Relations with customers:
Good public relations increase the credibility of your company, the information your SEO team puts out and the products you are hoping to sell. Although maintaining good public relations requires investing time, energy and lots of money, but at the end of the day, it will pay off. Developing good public relations takes a lot of time; it is futile to hope to get backlinks from CNN or PCMag immediately. But successful SEO PR lies in using the best of public relations and SEO for generating quality links, customer engagement and brand name.
After all is said and done, the power of having great relations with clients, other organizations, government officials and the public in general is not going to hurt your SEO campaign.


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    Mo Moumenine Mo Moumenine Says:

    Thanks Eididh. PR Professionals need some knowledge of SEO to be able to meet the requirements of the clients in a digital & social media world. You are welcome to shre your ideas through this blog. Thanks again

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    Eilidh MacRae Says:

    It is true that PR and SEO tie in together. Little PR professionals know about SEO but it is certainly beneficial for the PR professional to have knowledge of SEO.

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