How to Use Your Sales Data to Maximize Website Traffic

sales data How to Use Your Sales Data to Maximize Website Traffic

Sales Databse

What traits do consumers seek in used vendors?  Experience?  Quality?  Authority?  Consumers seek all those things, and brands leverage a variety of marketing and ad angles to introduce such sentiments.  Sales data is incredibly powerful, much more than a number of owners assume.
Sales data allows owners to track profits and losses, but additionally, sales data may be engineered to work for marketing and advertising endeavors, such as driving more website traffic.
Meta Tags
Online browsers see meta data when presented with search engine result pages.  Meta data, brief descriptions of what consumers will find on aligned pages, is used by to catalog information; it also makes impressions on users, convincing them to click through to a result or use the services of another page.
Insert sales data in meta descriptions, the short, two t0 three sentence description found on results pages.  For example, if your page gets a high amount of traffic to date, advertise its popularity, enticing those who don’t know about your brand to take greater interest.  Furthermore, advertising popularity makes those who are aligned with your brand feel like they’re ‘in the know’ or ‘part of the club.’
About Us Page
Search engines use a variety of metrics, gauging the value of a given page and domain.  One measures the on-domain behavior of a user.  Do the pages of a website satisfy a user’s query, or has the relayed result failed to address their concern?  The engines want to know.  The more time spent on a given site, rather than causing a browser to retreat to the results page, counts in a site’s favor.
Therefore, ensure browsers are impressed with your web design as well as the legacy of your brand, often featured on a site’s ‘about us’ page.  Stock your page with cues of authority, such as ‘featured in’ media samples and seals of approval from the Better Business Bureau or industry-related bastions of authority.  Often, browsers read ‘about us’ pages to learn more about a brand and whether it can offer desired goods and services in an efficient manner.  Use positive sales data, such as awards, traffic metrics, monthly sales, and testimonials on your ‘about us’ page, making a great impression.
Social Media Platforms
Social media platforms, such as Pinterest and Facebook, help brands interact with target markets.  Social media managers may interact in a direct or non-direct fashion, yet those who regularly and proactively engage usually make better impressions.  Share sales data on social media channels, allowing consumers, investors, and the general population to see how well a company is faring in its industry.
Taking the sharing a step further, have media followers guess the sales outcome of the coming month.  Brands may segment attention according to season, geographic location, sex of consumers, and other user traits, increasing the likelihood of follower engagement.
Whether due to opt-in requests or elected presence on an email list, consumers receive electronic mail from a number of brands.  Consumers enjoy inside information as well as opportunities to save on products and services.  In addition to internal news and sales offers, invite readers to learn about your sales data, such as your growth in the last quarter regarding a particular good.  Attach the URL leading to that particular product or service, inviting the curious to find out more about the product being reviewed.
Create a synergy across all sales channels, capitalizing on the interest in one to cultivate curiosity in others.  In this instance, brands may leverage email recipients, inspiring interest in particular brand pages by using related sales data.
Offline advertising is not dead, especially considering its ability to inspire online behavior.  You may notice a number of brands provide intelligence related to Facebook pages or Twitter handles on their offline signs and billboards, creating the impetus to lead advocates to online properties.
Flyers are an inexpensive way to use sales data to drive traffic online.  Produce a clever ad using relevant sales data; for example, it could feature your mascot claiming victory over the mascot of a competing brand, replete with supporting sales data.  Hand out flyers at offline events; send them via direct mail; and post them in geographic areas of interest.
Sales data is worth much more than reflected statistics.  Data from the past can be used to influence the present and future.  Leverage sales data to drive traffic; using it in meta descriptions, about us pages, social media platforms, emails, and offline sales flyers.


is a business data analyst. He enjoys using customer data to refine marketing campaigns. See how use customer testimonials on their site.

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