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Selecting The Best Blog Money Making Niche Selecting The Best Blog Money Making Niche

Starting up a blog is a little challenging. You have to know what type of blog and the field you are going to blog about. Most of the time, the best blog niche is the one that makes more in terms of income. Well, it depends on the situation and the type of blogger you are.
Actually, making money in blogs through niche choice depends on several things. All you need to do is to decide which from these things you are going to focus on.
What are your interests?

It is better to blog about what you are good at or what you like than push yourself blogging about things you do not know. It would make you look like a jerk (sorry for the term) if you do so. Blog about your passion then adjust your blogging techniques to fit your money making niche. Have in mind that if you blog about what you know and what you are good at, you have unlimited topics to post about.
What is the latest? 

You can write about the latest things going on in the world today. Remember, the latest always gets the attention of readers. Even just putting the word “latest” in the title of your post makes it irresistible. Think about this: if you write about the latest gadgets of 2012, don’t you agree that there would be a decent traffic for it?
What is in-demand?

What do people want to see? Of course, you need to consider who your audience is. This makes it easier for you to know what they are hoping to see in a blog. Some of the in-demand and money making blog niches are:
• Food
• Gaming
• Fitness
• Technology
• Photography
• Blogging
What is profitable? 

You have to do some hard research on which blog niches have the most earning capabilities and opportunities. Is your blog capable of housing products and other services that open up earning opportunities to you? Which blog niches have the most chances of eBook or product sales? All of these should be well-researched and planned. Otherwise, you might bark on the wrong tree or much worse bark at nothing.
What has a large audience?

Blog niches with the biggest audience often times make more money than any other since there are many people looking for that niche. This, as well, requires proper research and planning.
Setting up for a blog only requires a few things and among those is a killer niche. A niche that will suit your blogging criteria and your audience needs. Of course, a success of a blog depends on a lot of things, not just the type of niche. But this is one aspect that can contribute to its success. So it is crucial to know what to blog about.
If you find it hard to think about one, just read the article and answer the questions one by one, write down your thoughts, you reactions, peer advice and research results. This will help you a lot in terms of finding the best blog niche.


Mo Moumenine
Mo Moumenine, a media professional with more than 20 years experience in setting up media companies and managing them. Previously founder and CEO of the first Integrated converged media house in Dubai. Vice President of Programming for CNBC Middle East ( to 2006). Currently enjoying my free time in South East Asia, working on my first book on Social Media and writing for my blog. google

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