The Benefits of Cloud Back Up

Cloud Back Up2 The Benefits of Cloud Back UpIn life we all need some sort of back up. It starts out as coming from our family, then we look for it from our friends, and later we get it from the family we have made for ourselves. Now we might have pretty different operation systems, but your computer network is also something that is definitely in need of some serious back up too.

Personal computer users have understood this for years, as shown by the massive business done in external hard drives, but it is pretty worrying to learn that many small business owners don’t take the proper precautions when it comes to their business. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for this is that they just don’t know how, or they fail to clearly understand the benefits they would reap by making the switch to a cloud back up. Here is a little break down then of some of the key reasons why it probably is a good idea.

Cost: This heading in itself should end the rest of the argument. The reality is that those businesses who understand their own needs and opt for a cloud provider that can give them a tailored service that exactly matches those needs do save money. As opposed to complex tape backup systems, cloud backups work off site meaning that you have no expensive on-site maintenance to worry about, nor is their any installation charge. The result is a faster, more reliable working system that in the long-run will help see a marked reduction in TCO (Total cost ownership).
understanding the need for backups The Benefits of Cloud Back Up

Improved Data Protection: In spite of fears that the outsourcing of such confidential company material could be compromised by using a third-party, your sensitive data is in fact better protected than ever before when using a cloud back up. Cloud providers use state of the art security practices and industry leading encryption processes. You don’t worry about letting a bank handle your money, so why worry about a professional handling your essential data?

Adaptability and Freedom: As long as you select the correct provider, on a sensible and flexible programme, your company should be able to benefit automatically from the latest software and industry updates, meaning that you no longer need to worry about playing catch up yourself. Staff also loves the fact that they no longer need to lug around heavy work PCs as they can work from their own machines when not in the office.

Ease of Use: The transition from current working practices to those that will route via a cloud based system are minimal. The interfaces used by cloud providers are user friendly, and the implementation of cloud solutions only require the incorporation of a light-weight agent on devices used for data synch to the cloud.

Flexibility: The ability to be able to work from anywhere in the world from any connected device to the cloud is another one of the main advantages that this system allows. For those whose business involves a lot of work on the go, this is the kind of benefit that is as close to essential as it gets.

The benefits then are irrefutable. Any small to medium sized business that is looking to make their technological systems more cost effective, secure, streamlined, and accessible should be seriously considering making this switch.


The article was written by . Alisha is a British writer and content developer for Conosco –IT service provider in London.

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