The Definition of CRM (Customer Relationship Management)





The Definition of CRM Customer Relationship Management1 The Definition of CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

What is CRM?
Some of you are probably not familiar with CRM. There are plenty CRM abbreviations publicly known such as Cultural Resource Management, Civil Rights Movement, and many more. But, CRM we are referring to here is Customer Relationship Management that is related to the Sales and Marketing strategies to manage the interactions in a company.
What is CRM’s main objective when it is implemented in your Company? Each company has key elements involving sales prospects, clients, and customers.  These key elements must be integrated to support the basic processes to run the Company’s management and liaise with its vision and mission. So, the CRM’s main objective is to provide accurate strategies to manage the Company’s business. 
The integrated systems applied in Customer Relationship Management are expected to gain the Company’s target achievement by synchronizing and organizing those key elements. By achieving each target, the Company’s business will automatically develop into wider or higher range.
Why CRM? 

What does CRM  has to do with company’s development? Why is it so important?
Well, as previously explained, each company has key elements required for running its business. These key elements are always ‘communicating’ with each other during company’s business processes. Good communication requires strong relationship. To gain the best interaction with each key element, a company needs a customer relationship management system to synchronize and organize any interaction occurred during its business processes.
This CRM system will assist the company to undertake new key elements, maintain existing key elements, and retake previous key elements. By strategically implementing this system, the company will develop its business as planned and targeted.
Popular CRM solutions

There are many popular CRM solutions that can can be used for a company benefits. But, not all the solutions are best-suited to all companies. You should carefully determine which CRM solution is crucially important for your Company’s business.
Those popular CRM solutions are involved with performance quality, expenditures efficiency or cost saving, supporting factors in decision making, company’s potentials, main concerns, and potential increment in company’s profit or business line.    
To determine which solution is appropriate and profitable for your company, you must first define the mainstream of your business line. Secondly, you should identify potential concerns that have significant influence to your business management. Third, what actions are required for overcoming those potential concerns? These actions  should be strategically taken into account when selecting the right solution for your business.

The first step in company’s development is to determine the mainstream of the business line publicly known such as service, trading, manufacturing, investment, support, etc. By indicating this mainstream, you will then have a clear direction on where you want to lead your Company to. Generally speaking a company has one mainstream, unless it is a  conglomerate so that it has  several mainstreams.
Each mainstream has its specific problems and concerns characterized by its basic factors. For example, trading is involved with products, customers, and suppliers, as its basic factors. Potential problems and concerns arisen out of these basic factors will automatically affect the company’s business management. CRM strategic application should support the required actions to handle these potential problems and concerns.  


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