The pitfalls of RSS and how to avoid them



the pitfalls of rss The pitfalls of RSS and how to avoid them


Due to the overwhelming merits of RSS, one may wonder whether there are any demerits that can account to this feature not being as profitable to some people as possible. You can get some RSS wiki updates on the internet to get connected to this exciting feature. For example, the RSS wiki manual explains how the feature uses the XML technology to provide the latest updates on your blog or website. When you hear of the term RSS, think about updates. This is because the primary benefit of this feature is to provide you with the latest headlines on a particular site, their latest post, achievements and news. This is the reason why the feature we practically applied by news rich sites like CNN, BBC and other sites dedicated to keeping people informed. The feature can also contribute a lot to market your site.


Demerits of RSS

As we have seen, we are left to wonder whether this exciting feature really does have any downfalls that should lead some people to considering otherwise. As it is the nature of free will on the internet, whenever new features are introduced mostly they start as a way of tryouts. Although the feature is seemingly gaining a lot of control, there is an aspect of doubt to some people, and therefore, they are choosing to stick to the old techniques of mail subscriptions. This is not the only pitfall, at least when you are subscribed to the mails, you can know exactly how many people read your content unlike the feeds, which don’t give you this opportunity. There is anticipation as tool readers’ advance; this aspect will, however, be less of a disadvantage, although up to this time, the situation is still unaccounted for.

Does the essence of server load cost the meaning of RSS?

RSS requires specialized procedures of publishing the said feeds. One of the requirements is hosting. Web hosting will undoubtedly be rather expensive soon in contrast to the current situation. This is because the system administrators will raise concerns on the high demand of the feature where feed readers are said to increase in large numbers and start placing loads of feeds on the servers which will or may turn out to be an inconvenience to the web server. Time will tell what technology will come up with as a solution to this probable issue.

Is RSS delivering to the maximum?

The RSS feature doesn’t support the complete features that people seek while posting their articles. For instance, not all feeds support complete graphics and images, which are an important concept while publishing your posts. The problem with this feature is that the feeds don’t display the source of the site or even the name of the hosting site which can sometimes be confusing. The issue of having to copy some earls to the aggregator is also a factor of drawback. The need for the entire update instead of a brief summary is the preference of most readers which means that this feature isn’t delivering to the maximum.





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