The Top Ten Tools For Reputation Management





The Top Ten Tools For Reputation Management The Top Ten Tools For Reputation Management

Today, online reputation management is needed by more and more people around the world. This is the reason why reputation management tools are found all over the Internet. People on the Internet are becoming aware of the need to protect their reputation and credibility in the online community.
What are reputation management tools?

These are basically online tools that can help people manage, monitor, and protect their online reputation. Most of these work as trackers of negative feedback about a certain person or entity. However, although each tool has its own particular advantages and uses compared with other tools, most of them work in the same way, helping to manage online reputation, prevent negative information from showing up about persons or things, and providing better visibility on the Internet.
Top Ten Tools for Reputation Management

There are thousands of tools for reputation management online, all readily available. Some can be used for free, but others require a prior payment for the service. Some tools are focused on social media reputation and some are used for online identity. Here are some of the most recommended tools for online reputation management (ORM).
• Google Alerts – This is a Google setup which allows users to track news, blogs, groups, videos, and other web results for free. This is a good tool to start with.
• Tackur – this tool searches for keywords in large sources such as Google Alerts. This tool allows people to sort information, to tag, and save data, and to subscribe to feeds. It requires a $20 monthly subscription, but it is worth it because of its capabilities and benefits compared to other such tools found on the Net.
• Naymz – This is a website where you can sign up and have your friends and clients write reviews about your work or even about you. This is perfect for bloggers, Internet marketers, or those who have an online business. It costs about $10 a month, but it has some advantages over other reputation management tools.
• Monitor This – this tool allows users to monitor keywords from various search engines
• Keotag – this is a website tool which allows users to search for tagged posts in various search engines. 
• Backtype – users can utilize this tool to search comments by you and others on blog posts, social networks, and on many other sites. This is one tool that can help users find negative comments.
• Backtweets – this lets users know what Twitter users think about a specific link.
• BrandsEye – This works well for businesses and other enterprises. It can track and also manage conversations made by clients online. This is one of the most highly reputed management tools for business-oriented individuals or groups.
• MyReputation – this is’s ORM. It alerts users when they are mentioned in any content online, and costs about $15 monthly.
• Yasni – this search engine can be used as an ORM tool because it enables one to search for information that includes videos, posts, photos, and profiles.
There are many more reputation management tools on the Internet to choose from. You can use the examples given here to jumpstart your work.


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    Would like to tell you about another tool which can aid with your ORM. The service is called InboundLinkAlerts and uses the site’s Google Analytics data (so you must be using GA). Basically when a new Inbound Link to your site is detected the service sends you an email. We have found in most cases this to be much quicker response than technologies which rely on Search Engines (i.e. crawling).

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