Three Smart Ways for Direct Smartphone Printing

Smartphone Printing Three Smart Ways for Direct Smartphone Printing

Mobile printing

No matter where you are, a smartphone can be easily turned into a mobile office. There is no need for you to go to your office to get the printing chores done, since printing is now readily available on every smartphone. Do not worry if your phone does not have printing software included, as you can always download the appropriate software. However, ways you can get printing done is dependent on your respective mobile platform. For instance, in the case of an iPad or iPhone, Apple has made life much easier, thanks to AirPrint, which is quite dependable and easy to use. It has an in-built print dialog in the interface, which is available almost from many applications. However, it is important to note that a compatible printer is required, apart from most of the printers that are presently available on the market. The following three ways are considered the simplest ways that enable successful smartphone printing:

1.Smartphone Printing using Dropbox

This method enables you to print documents, photos, emails, PDF files, etc. from a smartphone directly to the printer. All that is required is that the printer must be connected to the PC. Here is the simple procedure of using Dropbox to print files and documents from a smartphone:

Ensure that you install Dropbox on your computer which is constantly running once it is connected to your printer. A small utility then needs to be downloaded on your computer so that it runs constantly in the background and monitors your Dropbox folders for new printing jobs. First, download this zip file to your computer, double-click the eprint.vbs file, and a sub-folder named PrintQueue will be created by the script inside the main Dropbox folder. This is the location where the mobile print jobs get queued up.

There are two ways to send print jobs directly from your phone to Dropbox. First option is to download the Dropbox app to your phone, and the second one is to upload the desired files to your Dropbox via email. When a file is added to Dropbox on your phone, it is then immediately sent to the computer, from where it is automatically sent to the default printer, which prints the file.

Now everything is set to print files directly from your smartphone. You can begin by sending a test file from your phone to a specific email address. You can also upload the file using the Dropbox mobile app, after which it almost instantly get turned to a hard copy by your printer.

2. Smartphone Printing using Google Cloud Print

Yet another gift from Google is the ability to print from anywhere, anytime using Google cloud print. This service is free of cost and all you require is a desktop computer that has a Google Chrome browser and a viable internet connection, a working printer and of course a Google account on your PC or laptop. Here is the simple procedure of using Google cloud print to print files and documents from a smartphone:
Google Cloud Print Three Smart Ways for Direct Smartphone Printing

Before you start with the settings, check whether your printer is working fine from your computer or laptop and whether your ink or toner cartridge is functional by printing out a test page. Opening your Chrome browser is the next step, after which you need to click on the drop-down menu icon, which is located in the top right corner of the screen. Then, click on Settings/Preferences. Scroll down and click on Advanced settings. Scroll down further and you will find Google Cloud Print. Click on Add printers.

The next step is to sign in using your Google account. It is important that the same Google account configured with your smartphone is selected. This makes it easier to print directly from your mobile device.

In case you wish to give a print command from a remote PC/smartphone, you must sign into your Google account, then open Google Drive/Documents. After this, select the document which is to be printed, click on your selected printer name, after which the action will get completed upon clicking on Print.

3. Smartphone Printing Using Different Apps

Mobile Print

In a scenario where you need your contact list or an important message to be printed urgently, this app could be your perfect pick. Apart from MMS, SMS, photos and contacts, it also enables various other important documents to be produced by making use of PDF, Powerpoint, MS Excel and Office, etc. Direct printing can be done via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and it also compatible with many printers including HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Samsung and many more.

Epson iPrint

Upon downloading this app, all you need to do is connect your phone to your chosen printer and you can go ahead. To start printing, tap the Epson iPrint application icon on your smartphone, after which your Photo Album gets launched. You can then select the pictures that you’d like to print. For selecting, you need to tap the desired picture, after which an Epson iPrint menu displays your photo and a Print button. In order to send the photo wirelessly, the printer icon lying towards the bottom right of the menu is to be tapped. A Select printer menu pops up which lists all the printers connected to your Wi-Fi network.

epson iprint Three Smart Ways for Direct Smartphone Printing

epson iprint App

To conclude, Dropbox, Google Cloud, and the various printing apps available mean that printing from your smartphone is now easily achievable with only basic software and applications no matter what mobile platform you use. Whether you need to print important documents on your daily commute to work, prepare urgent paperwork from a remote location, or simply have your to-do list waiting when you get home, smartphone printing software is an incredibly convenient solution for remote printing.

This software has become a valuable tool for increasing worker productivity, which makes it particularly useful for business owners, the self-employed, telecommuters, and anyone who spends extended periods of time away from their office. Once you have followed the easy steps outlined above, there is no need for physical distance to hold you back from printing remotely all the documents you need.


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    Inkjetkiosk Says:

    This information is very exposing and useful. Its nicely described and also useful blog. I can easily understand the way you describe.In the past, printing from a cell phone was anything but easy. Gladly, that is modifying with the introduction of new photo printers, programs, and services. These days you can create anything from a smart phone, essentially anywhere.

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    I have smartphone too, it’s new info for me if smartphone can be use for printing. It’s seems that, smartphone really great gadget. This post have helpful info.

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    Thank you for your comment Mark, I agree, smartphone printing is incredibly convenient. Feel free to share this post with anyone you think might find it useful.

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    Mark McKnight Says:

    It is such a good news that there is no need for you to go to your office to get the printing chores done, since printing is now readily available on every smartphone.

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