Tips on growing your business this summer

summer business campaign Tips on growing your business this summer

summer marketing campaign

The season of summer is here but how can marketers incorporate this season into their marketing plans? Whether it is the time your business is busy or still quiet, picking up on ideas and implementing them so that you can take an advantage of those summer months in business can be eventually a fun and a challenge too!
It’s time to take your business into that fresh air and it does not appear convincing to wait for your customers so that they can come to know about your service or brand. Rather it is better to explore ways to make them aware of your and your business’s existence this summer. No matter what kind of industry you’re involved in – retail, restaurant or customer service, you may always choose to consider following these. Take a look!
Celebrate summers
Businesses can always choose to invite their past and the present customers to join them for an amazing celebration of the summers and trust us this is indeed going to be immense fun. Businesses can make use of their parking lots or the public parks for hosting such activities or events but this should be positively arranged. Hamburgers, cold drinks and salads should be fine and of course, your own additions matter.
You can also choose to hire moon bounce, magicians and shape it into a great event worth attending. One thing you must not forget is to offer prices or incentives and make it more rewarding for your customers. This special arrangement keeping the spirit of the summers in mind would go on to offering them reasons to ultimately help you frequent your business over the summers.
Taking your business to the streets
Taking your business among the people is a good idea. If you’re involved in the food business, this can prove to be a miracle for your sales. Give your customers a flavour of your food and telling them what great (in taste) you have to offer and why they should visit you for a ‘service’ is going to make a huge impact on your business.
Appreciation events and the special treatment
Apart from hosting an enjoyable cookout, you can also choose to select a group of your loyal customers and request them to join you for an appreciation event. Offering them a special mention through little events makes sense in a time when competitors in your industry are growing and so is the choice of ‘services’ that lies with your customers.
Holding themed weeks/days
It is also important for the businesses to keep their customers aware and interested in all that they are doing. Holding themed weeks or days is just one of the ways you reach after exploring the ways to suggest and display what your business has been doing and what its course of development is. You can choose to focus on community charity participation, events, promotions and giveaways.
Collaborating with the complementary businesses can also be one of the great ways of promoting your business. Make sure that the theme you have chosen successfully weaves into your marketing and advertising campaign.
Linking social cause of your marketing campaign
Giving back to the community is always a good idea not only for the businesses but also for the customers. It definitely helps in building relations and taking imperative decisions in the long run. Get hold of community projects, build your own brand and give back to the community. Organising or even sponsoring a charity event or a community service day can be a good move. Hop on to a ‘cause’ that very well links to your business and this is going to be a great way to reach out the media and promote your business alongside.
Incorporation of summer themes and information
Businesses can always choose to incorporate summer themes and essential related information to educate or entertain their customers and ‘connect’ with them. You can choose to send out the newsletters and before that, do ensure that it has been backed up with effective content. Consider pet care, recipes and summer fashion tips.
For many businesses, summer may still appear to be a slow season. There can be plenty of ways to draw people in the dull and monotonous season of summers. By making your event more vibrant and by incorporating elements of ‘liveliness’ and ‘rewards’ in it, you make your customers value their precious time they spent on the activity held by you. Summers can also be a great time to start planning all your marketing activities and explore ways to spice it up so that you plan your yearly strategies accordingly.
Businesses can also consider conducting a market research to find out what the customers actually think about them and what are the ‘additions’ to the marketing campaigns that they would like to see. Pay special focus on the market or the demographic trends that can anyway impact your business in the time to come. Since market research costs you money, time and efforts that are ultimately worth, conducting it more often than not makes sense.


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    Appointment setting Brisbane Says:

    Great tips to growing business summer.

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    Jeff S. Bailey Says:

    No one denies the value of word-of-mouth. So powerful — 80% of small business customers make their choice on trusted referrals. Yet so simple. If social media can facilitate the connection of one’s trusted network with the local businesses they trust, that would be cool. Kind of like Facebook meets Yelp or the Yellow Pages. Then, if it can be monetized in a webby way, you’ve got a winning formula.

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