Top 10 Job Factors that Attract and Retain Employees

job factors Top 10 Job Factors that Attract and Retain Employees

Attracting Employees

Long term success of any business depends, to a large extent, on its workforce. Managers unanimously agree that retaining the best employees influences product sales, customer satisfaction, effective succession planning, and coherent relationship with coworkers and reporting staff and deep organizational knowledge. In this article, we will talk about 10 job factors that will help you to attract and retain employees.
1. Job Security
Who doesn’t want job security? Recession or no recession, an employee needs to be assured that his/her job is safe and not going anywhere. It is true that in tough financial times, companies choose to downsize the existing staff. It is not wrong to weed out unproductive people but sometimes, skilled and professional employees with proven track record are given the pink slip. This is completely unjustified. Companies that want to retain employees should give them the assurance of job security, especially in times of need.
2. Base Pay
Base pay is the minimum salary expected by employees. Every country / state has their own memorandum of base pay to be given to employees. Companies that want to attract skilled and capable employees should ensure that the base pay is attractive enough. On top of this, there are other benefits like health insurance, sick leaves and so on but the base pay must be at par with the job profile.
3. Healthcare Benefits
In the last couple of years, healthcare benefits have become one of the main consideration points with potential employees when seeking a job. Unlike public expectations, healthcare is becoming expensive and the costs are most of the time unbearable for the working class. Hence, a company must offer valuable healthcare benefit if it wants to attract and retain hard working employees. The details of such benefits should be discussed at the time of joining. Further, the benefits should improve as the status of the employee within the organization improves.
4. Paid Vacations
In a 24 x 7 working environment, companies expect its employees to be available at the drop of a hat. While employees do not mind such demanding work, they do expect to be recognized for their efforts. Paid vacations are one way to recognize good employees and it’s a major pull with prospective employees. Once or twice a year, companies can send their best performing employees on a paid vacation with their families.
5. Commuting Length
A major concern with any prospective employee is the time it takes to travel to the place of work. While there are many options to work remotely via a secured Internet connection, a large chunk of the working population has to travel to the workplace. Companies have better chances to attract good employees if they are situated in prime locations with good transport connectivity.
6. Career Opportunities
No employee will be interested to remain with a company for long if there are no career growth opportunities available. The company will only be able to fill up positions temporarily or on short-term basis. Therefore, if a company has to attract and retain employees, it has to assess its own growth opportunities which can be made available to its employees. Otherwise, there is not much scope.
7. Company Reputation
This is also an important factor. Every year, new medical and engineering college graduates make a beeline for top notch companies because that’s the kind of reputation they have. Similarly, experienced employees will be more interested to work with an organization that has credible reputation in the market. Employees won’t associate themselves with company’s having bad reputation or bad image in the job market.
8. Retirement Benefits
In the recent years, retirement benefits have become a significant retention tool globally, spurred by the US recession. According to the 2012 Towers Watson Retirement Attitudes Survey, before 2009, only 31% of employees would give importance to Defined Benefit (DB) plan of company’s but after 2009, more than 51% of employees check out the DB plan before joining and 68% of employees find that the DB plan is the main reason why they stick to the present organization.
9. Promotion Opportunities
Gone are those days when employees would wait around the corner for years to get that ‘promotion’. While employees do look at growth opportunities within the organization, they also want to rise up the corporate ladder faster than ever. If the promotion opportunities within the company are slow, separated by few years, there is a very less chance to attract and retain good employees.
10. Work Atmosphere
Last but not the least, the work atmosphere within the company matters a lot. The work atmosphere should be conducive for productivity and devoid of negative influences.
These are the top ten factors that help to attract and retain employees on a long term permanent basis. Follow and implement them within the company.


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