Top Five Tips For Using Bulk Text Messaging Software

Bulk Text Messaging Software Top Five Tips For Using Bulk Text Messaging SoftwareBulk text messaging is a useful marketing platform which allows businesses to reach their customers wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. This is made all the more easier with the use of SMS marketing software. SMS software allows a business to send a text message to thousands of customers at a time with ease and at an impressively low cost.
Despite it being relatively easy to send a marketing message using bulk text messaging software, there are certainly right and wrong ways of initiating an SMS marketing strategy. Here are five tips to help ensure your SMS marketing strategy is successful.
1 Only send messages when you’ve got something to say
It can really tempting to adopt a machine-gun approach with your bulk SMS marketing strategy and fire out as many messages as possible, with the view that more messages will result in more engagement.
However, overloading a customer with messages will usually only serve to annoy them, damage your brand reputation and lead to unsubscribe requests. Instead, only messages your SMS list when you have something truly interesting to tell them.
2 Use calls to action
Studies have shown that consumers actually respond well to be doing told what to do. At the end of your text message, let your customers know what you want them to do!
The call to action could be to come in store this weekend for a great offer. Perhaps you want your customer to text a certain number to redeem an offer. Whatever your goal is, don’t be afraid to say.
3 Segmentation
The great thing about people is that everyone’s different. A business can certainly benefit from treating them that way. Not every one of your SMS subscribers will want to hear about every part of your business. Studies have shown that segmentation of a marketing list can improve engagement rates, because a business is only sending relevant information to them.
During the sign-up process, find a method of asking subscribers what products they would like to hear information about. Don’t be afraid to exclude customers from information they’ve said they’re uninterested in.
4 Use a web link
Smartphones are becoming more and more popular all the time. It is estimated that more than half of the adult population now uses one. This is a high enough proportion for businesses to feel comfortable sending web links via SMS. Send a link to the checkout page for your website and you could use SMS marketing to directly encourage online sales.
5 No spam
SMS marketing works because it’s generally seen as an opt-in marketing platform. Sending unsolicited messages is an awful marketing strategy and can even result in a company being fined. It’s a much better idea to market your SMS marketing campaign well and give customers a good reason to opt in. A lot of companies tempt customers to sign up using special offers.
These are the basic rules of SMS marketing and should be enough to help businesses from many industries benefit from this useful platform

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