Why Research is Important Before Setting Up your Corporate Blog

setup of company blog1 Why Research is Important Before Setting Up your Corporate Blog
A corporate blog is published and engaged by the organization to achieve its goals. Corporate blogs offer convenience in the sense that posts and comments can be reached and followed up readily, thanks to the centralized hosting and structured conversation threads.
Factors to consider before setting up the corporate blog:
Not all marketing techniques yield substantial benefits in every given situation. In order to ensure the success of the corporate blog, several answers to the questions need to be obtained:
1. How important is the blog to the organization? Ordinarily, setting up a blog should result from the organizations need of exploiting the benefits generated from an effective channel of communication. Or is setting up a blog purely assuming being trendy, copying competitors who have a blog or possibly because it exhibits a sense of being tech savvy?
2. Does the organization have enough resources to set up and to maintain the blog?
• Financial resources: The long-term success of any blog depends on the availability of resources. A good blog requires an experienced blogger to design, develop and host. Furthermore, publishing fresh content every so often requires resources.
• Time: Creating and publishing content takes time; doing research, writing posts, updating and maintaining the blog demands time. • Personnel: Although they are several tools that can be used to publish content, publishing customized content offers the best results. The availability of personnel to perform this task and to maintain the blog is necessary. Alternatively, the organization can consider hiring the services of a professional.
• Information: Information can be created or searched. In addition, it needs to be analyzed and filtered in order to ensure relevant content. The organization will therefore need a dedicated team which is effective in creating content, doing research and filtering data.
3. What is the opinion on the online audience towards your organization? By performing an online search, the organization can ascertain the online reactions. Based on these results it can quantify the risk factors associated with exposing the organization through publishing on the blog. Types of corporate blogs:
There are different types of blogs, with the main categories being internal or external blogs. Furthermore, some blogs are hosted on the consumer blogging platform, such as ‘Blogger’ and ‘Tumblr’ while other corporate blogs are hosted on the business blogging platforms, such as ‘Compendium’.
• Internal corporate blogs are accessed through the organization’s Intranet. This is generally a communal blog that members of the organization can view, while allowing them to post. Its informal nature often encourages employee participation, collective intelligence, free discussion of topical subjects and direct communication within departments. Internal blogs give individuals who would ordinarily not be invited or possibly not aware of the opportunity- to participate in the discussion and to contribute their expertise. 
• External corporate blogs are publicly available blogs where the organization’s spokespersons, team or employees share their views. The blog is often used to introduce new products/ services, to explain, to react to public criticism and clarify policies. It also offers a window to the organization’s culture and is handled more informally compared to traditional press releases. Some corporate blogs allow comments to be posted freely while other corporate blogs direct all the posts through a review in order to qualify them before posting on the blog.

Mo Moumenine
Mo Moumenine, a media professional with more than 20 years experience in setting up media companies and managing them. Previously founder and CEO of the first Integrated converged media house in Dubai. Vice President of Programming for CNBC Middle East ( to 2006). Currently enjoying my free time in South East Asia, working on my first book on Social Media and writing for my blog. google

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