Why Your Corporate Blog Needs To Be Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive blogs1 Why Your Corporate Blog Needs To Be Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsiveness

These days, everyone has a blog; students, parents, celebrities and even pets. No one is exempt and no one is safe. Naturally, companies have taken to the blogosphere as well, eager to take advantage of social media, as well they should. But just as corporations have taken that evolutionary step forward and set up a blog, so they must now continue the growth by paying close attention to today’s trends.

Why Mobile Responsive Blog?

Whereas once upon a time the desktop PC reigned supreme, the mobile platform has overtaken the venerable static computer in terms of sales. Furthermore, mobile Internet usage is predicted to overtake Internet usage by desktops next year. If your corporation wants its blog to remain relevant, it needs to be mobile responsive.
Give The Bored Something To Read!
If you pause and consider, it makes sense. If people are standing around in line with nothing to do, or stuck in traffic, or sitting at a restaurant waiting for a tardy companion to show up, more often than not, they will whip out the smart phone or tablet (or their laptop if they want to look uber-important or, if they’re at a coffee shop, ultra-pretentious), and kill some time. People in this situation are the ultimate captive audience, and it’s a wasted opportunity if your blog can’t be read properly on a mobile device.
And let’s not forget the benefit of having a mobile responsive blog linked directly to your company’s shopping cart. You could have a blog entry extolling the virtues of the latest and greatest service your company provides, then a link to purchasing it. And as long as your company has the capability to process mobile payments, then you’re in business, pun intended.

Google Likes The Idea of Mobile Responsive Blog. Nuff Said.

Regardless of the device accessing it, a mobile responsive blog should have the same HTML and URL. This is simplicity, and Google likes it. Considering that Google is the 600 pound gorilla of search engines, when that gorilla speaks, your company had better listen.
Customers Like The Idea. Nuff Said Again.
Your customers want speed, simplicity, security, and a marked lack of headaches, hassles, and hang-ups. A potential customer can seamlessly jump from one device to another, as time and circumstances permit, if your site works with equal ease with desktops, tablets, and smart phones. This sows good-will, and a customer that’s in a good mood is a customer that’s more inclined to buy something. Make it easier for your customers to access your blog regardless of their device, and watch them come back for more…and bring friends as well!
Here is an excellent video from Mobile Webinar Series on responsive design.

It’s Easier For Your Company, Thus It’s Less Costly
If you have separate blogs for desktop Internet access and mobile Internet, that’s twice the maintenance and twice the campaigns. In fact that means everything is doubled. And that creates double the amount of time, energy, and expense.
When you add up all of these reasons, it is clear that a mobile responsive blog is a must for any business that wants to be competitive in the 21st century. If your blog is a gateway or inducement to check out your business, then you must make it as excellent a user experience as you can.

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